First Aid Training Courses

First Aid Training Courses in Cornwall and Nationally, taught by experienced service members in the First Aid sector

Emergency First Aid at Work course - In Safe Hands training Cornwall

Emergency First Aid at Work

Emergency first aid at work is designed to meet the first aid requirements of a low risk working environment such as offices, shops, food outlets etc.

Although the course is comprehensive it may not be suitable for high risk workplaces and a full First Aid at Work qualification may be more appropriate.

First Aid at Work course - In Safe Hands training Cornwall

First Aid at Work

The First Aid at Work training course is the highest level of first aid training available for the workplace. This is far more comprehensive than the 1 day Emergency First Aid at Work course and is suitable for any working environment.

Held over 3 days, we run these courses regularly at our Simulation Centre, alternatively this can be delivered onsite at your place of work for a more bespoke training experience.

First Aid at Work Requalification

First Aid at Work requalification course is not only vital to ensure your first aiders not just remain qualified but also updates you with the latest skills and protocols.

This course is delivered over 2 days, either at our centre for individuals or at your location for a group of staff.

Emergency Paediatric First Aid (schools) - In Safe Hands training

Emergency Paediatric First Aid

The Emergency Paediatric First Aid course is the only accredited 'Schools' first aid course available, specifically for the school environment.

The course is not just about resuscitation, but also about dealing with common school injuries e.g. nose bleeds, cuts and bumped heads with confidence.

Paediatric First Aid course - In Safe Hands training

Paediatric First Aid

Paediatric First Aid Training is mandatory for anyone working within an early years setting, 5 years old or below. After all parents are leaving their most treasured possession in your care.

By attending a Paediatric First Aid Course you will be better prepared for any emergency that may arise. Our team of emergency and training professionals will guide you through the training and help you build confidence.

Paediatric Annual Refresher course - In Safe Hands training

Paediatric Annual Refresher

This course is designed to meet the first aid requirements of those who look after children and young people and hold a current Paediatric First Aid or Emergency Paediatric First Aid certificate.

This half day training session will provide the benefit of refreshing the knowledge and practical competencies needed to deal with a range of paediatric first aid situations.

Basic Life Support for Healthcare Professionals - In Safe Hands training

Basic Life Support for Healthcare Professionals

The half day course is suitable for all Hospital Clinicians, GP’s, Dentists and their staff. A mandatory refresher is required every 12 months, as directed by the General Medical Council, General Dental Council, and NICE Guidelines.

During the session you will practice completing a primary survey, CPR, choking and the recovery position.

Basic Life Support / Annual Refresher - In Safe Hands training

Basic Life Support / Annual Refresher

Basic life support training covers the absolute basics of resuscitation, good airway control, management of unconsciousness and the recovery position.

The content is also relevant to those that hold a valid First Aid qualification, as a way of keeping skills, knowledge and confidence up to date.

Mental Health First Aid - In Safe Hands training

Level 3 Award in Mental Health First Aid in the Workplace

Did you know that 1 in 4 people in the UK are likely to experience mental health problems each year?
Mental health is just as important as physical health, yet whilst we know how to take care of our own physical health, many people do not know how to support relatives, friends and even colleagues who are experiencing poor mental health.
By developing a greater understanding of common mental health issues, as well as how best to support and guide someone experiencing poor mental health, you can help to reduce the stigma associated with mental health in the UK.

Activity First Aid training course - In Safe Hands training

Activity First Aid

In recent times sports participation has increased year-on-year, whether it be Ultra-Marathons, Cycling or Cross Fit games, injury is sadly part and parcel of participation.

Reducing the initial impact of an injury can not only save lives but also reduce rehabilitation time. Our Activity First Aid course is designed to meet the requirements of these sporting bodies and their participants.

Remote First Aid training - In Safe Hands training

Remote First Aid

Our remote first aid course is delivered over 2 days and would supplement your current First Aid at Work qualification. We work with a range of clients to ensure their staff and volunteers are suitably trained to embrace the environment safely.

You will conduct medical risk assessments, management of wounds, illnesses & animal bites/stings along with learning how to triage.

Austere First Aid course - In Safe Hands training

Austere First Aid

Not all environments are the same, some are so far from the ‘norm’ that conventional approaches to first aid are just not relevant.

Our trainers have the skill set and experience of working within the UK Military (including Special Forces), Non-Government Organisations (NGO’s), Charities and other Aid Agencies that operate in areas of natural disaster, conflict and humanitarian crisis.

Outdoor First Aid

This course is suitable for sporting awarding body approval and provides learners an opportunity to learn and experience care in an outdoor/more remote environment. The course is taught by experienced outdoor medics with a wealth of experience that learners can draw upon.

Our 2 day outdoor first aid course is ideal for those that work or have an interest in outdoor pursuits.

Celox / Tourniquet bleed management training - In Safe Hands training

Celox / Tourniquet

This catastrophic bleed training is designed to supplement First Aid training, either as a bolt on session or a stand alone for those who hold a First Aid qualification.

This is a requirement for some industries, such as Tree surgeons, machinery operators or remote locations. Tourniquets can be a vital addition to First Aid kits within some industries as they are an effective method of controlling serious bleeding.

Forestry First Aid training - In Safe Hands training

Forestry First Aid

The Level 3 Award in Forestry First Aid +F qualification is ideal for those who work or intend to work in a forestry, agricultural or remote environment, such as tree surgeons and farmers.

This qualification outlines the basic knowledge and practical skills for providing emergency first aid when certain special hazards are identified. You will practice managing an incident and demonstrate how to treat specific conditions.

Citadel training courses - In Safe Hands training


Citadel training provides a practical and dynamic insight into threat recognition, avoidance and management. It is suitable for any workplace or educational facility.

The program looks at planning and preparing for incidents that may occur, from lower risk threats, to examining the process of response to a planned attack on your location.

Emergency Paediatric First Aid (schools) - In Safe Hands training

Anaphylaxis Training

This programme is designed to help an individual that may support an adult or child with Anaphylaxis. This includes the safe administration of an Epi-Pen.

This is especially important where teachers, teaching assistants, school staff, or adult carers maybe asked to administer this response medication under their “loco parentas” status, the mental capacity act or as part of their normal daily duties.

Epilepsy Awareness course - In safe Hands training

Epilepsy awareness

This training is suitable for anyone who cares for someone with a history of seizures. We look at the signs and symptoms of seizures, the different types and their management, together with a brief understanding of rescue medication.

You will practice completing a primary survey, adult and child resuscitation, when to phone the emergency services and promoting recovery.

Epilepsy + Rescue Medication training - In Safe Hands training

Epilepsy and Rescue Medication

This is an extended session of our epilepsy training to include the administration of rescue medication, Midazolam.

You will discuss how to administrator the drug, consent, capacity and the importance of maintaining a good airway, right through to phoning the emergency services for continued treatment and monitoring.

Medication Awareness Training - In Safe Hands training

Medication Awareness Training

Medication Awareness training gives a responsible person the confidence and knowledge to administer medication as required.

We discuss what sort of medication you will be encountering and why medications are required. It is important to know how to store them correctly, provide the correct dosage and document this in-line with your company policy.

Medication Administration course - In Safe Hands training

Medication Administration

Usually there is a direct need for this training, whether that be a school student or an individual in your care. The course will cover the law, safe storage, dosage and methods of administration as well as side effects and the importance of policy and documentation.

This course can, where possible include some controlled simulation with the use of an orange or a specially designed training aid.

Suction Training - In Safe Hands training


You will have someone in your care who requires suction as part of their clinical care plan. Our clinical professional will deliver this training in your location or at our Simulation Centre.

You will recognise when to use this equipment and how to use it correctly following the protocol set out in conjunction with other health care providers.