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Delivering Manual Handling Training in Cornwall and throughout the UK

It’s a clear fact, back injuries from lifting and handling are the most common injuries reported to the HSE.

With waiting lists for health service physiotherapists increasing and the average private appointment costing around £40 per session, it’s not a personal injury to take lightly.

Let’s face it, you don’t get a new functioning spine and back muscles to go home with at the end of the working day!

Prolapsed discs, tears, muscles pulls, herniated discs and sciatica are some of the main back problems with manual work.

We won’t teach you just to lift a box, unless that’s what you do need to lift at work!

Our clients current and past include the RNLI, National grid and a number of large regional residential care facilities. Our programmes include training for lifting and manual handling training for inanimate loads and lifting people.

Specialist nurses deliver our patient handling programmes, where hoists, slide sheets and stand aids etc, may need to be used for handling patients.

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Manual Handling Training Courses

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