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Delivering Health & Safety Training in Cornwall and throughout the UK

Health and safety should not stop people from doing anything, it is about simple training to ensure it’s done safely!

It’s not about being the “fun police” or a “kill joy”, it’s about being fit and healthy enough to enjoy your life to the full, whether you’re working or on your day off. After all you don’t get second chances with your own personal health and well-being.

It’s not all doom and gloom with health and safety!

We could go down the route of harping on about the 147 people died last year from possibly preventable workplace accidents or that 28,000,000 working days were lost as a result of workplace related injury and illness – but we wont......

What we can say is that a positive “safety culture” in your workplace benefits your business on many different levels. Such as staff are generally more motivated and productive in a safer environment, customers are also happier and are far more likely to return, a safer environment usually mean less injury, so less working days lost and more staff in work making your business stronger.

It does not end there though health and safety also includes cleaning and hygiene and the prevention of disease and cross infection.

We have a range of fun, interactive and reliable health and safety training courses to meet your needs and with our expert HSE approved training team from different industries means you and your staff will always be in safe hands.

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Health and Safety Training Courses

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