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Delivering Fire Safety Training in Cornwall and throughout the UK

Fire damage, related injuries and death are possibly the number 1 safety consideration in any workplace. It does not matter whether you work in a hotel, school or any other environment, fire and its effect whether personal or commercial is a serious risk to us all.

Fire safety training is one key way in which to firstly reduce the chance of a fire occurring and look at procedures and practice in place to minimise the impact of a fire if it does occur. We can help companies and organisations derive an effective fire safety plan and ensure the fire safety training that individuals receive will be of the highest quality.

Our training courses in Fire Safety are all accredited by the Chartered Institute of Environmental Health and are delivered by staff with practical experience of fire prevention and fire fighting. Please have look at each of the training courses to see which one you think you may be interested in, or give us a call and we can help you no problem.

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Fire Safety Training Courses

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