The story behind the most kissed face in the world

Millions of people around the world have learned CPR on a manikin known as Resusci Anne, CPR Annie, Rescue Annie.
What ever you refer to her as, have you ever wonder how she came to be?
If you’re one of the 300 million people who’s been trained in CPR, you’ve almost certainly had your lips pressed to the Inconnue’s.
Through Resusci Anne, students of first aid have for more than 50 years been trying to bring back to life the young woman from the Seine.

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January Blues

For some the dreaded January blues can be a very real condition.

The holidays have passed, returning to work can be difficult, there might be additional inches around your waistline (affecting your confidence), the weather is grim, it’s a long month and for many there is copious amounts of debt to clear!

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RLSS UK is delighted to announce that In Safe Hands Training will now be delivering the charity’s water safety consultancy services and training. Welcome to the family!

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Flowchart Fun!

Follow our flowchart to assess the effectiveness of your pool safety procedure.

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Who’s reducing your risk?

Swimming pools and open water spaces used for public activities fall under the umbrella of the law known as HSG 179-aka the holy grail of pool and open water safety! If you have a pool from the list below…this relates directly to your organisation.   COMMUNAL pool in living accommodation   HOTEL pools  COMMUNITY leisure pools  […]

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