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Who’s reducing your risk?

Swimming pools and open water spaces used for public activities fall under the umbrella of the law known as HSG 179-aka the holy grail of pool and open water safety! If you have a pool from the list below…this relates directly to your organisation.   COMMUNAL pool in living accommodation   HOTEL pools  COMMUNITY leisure pools  […]

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5 Essential Steps To Ensure Pool Safety

Water Safety

The law requires every pool operator to be responsible for the health and safety of employees, pool users and other people on the premises.
Follow our 5 essential steps to ensure pool safety!

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The Hard Truth…About Resus

I’ve been a trained first aider for 25 years and have had the pleasure of training first aid for 14 of those years. I am often asked: ‘What’s it actually like to give first aid during a Cardiac Arrest?’ The purpose of this article is to take a closer look at the potential stages leading […]

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Mental Health First Aid, A First for In Safe Hands

Mental Health has been gripping the headlines and has very much come the forefront of society from top levels in government to adults, young people and children.

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Going the extra mile

There’s nothing we like more at In Safe Hands than going the extra mile for our clients – 12,000 miles on this occasion!

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