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There only very few occupations where you may actually make a difference between saving a life and not...

hello Becoming a first aid trainer can be one the most rewarding job choices going, we know, our training team has decades of life saving teaching experience! Our training team however are not just fully qualified teacher educators but also emergency professionals with an equal amount of experience delivering emergency care within the Military and Emergency services.

We very often receive emails like the one below which is what makes it all worth it.

“Dear In Safe Hands, I am writing to tell you that your fantastic first aid course I attended over a year ago came good and well needed last weekend when my granddaughter chocked whilst eating her diner. Everyone else at the table was panicking and I remembered the things that we were taught and struck her on the back. Which by the way did not work any of the 5 times I did it! I then applied 4 Abdominal Thrusts and on number 4 it came out. Without this knowledge the Ambulance Paramedic who came said she would have died and that I had saved her life, thank you x” – Mel, Paediatric First Aid Course Trainee, July 2010.

Our train the trainer course programmes are in 2 formats and are designed to ensure you are fully equipped to deliver the various courses your competence will allow. Firstly we provide full train the trainer program support for companies or individuals to deliver various courses that would add value to a trainer or reduce training costs as a company.

The second is to offer the internationally recognised Level ¾ Preparing to Teach in the Lifelong Learning Sector (PTLLS) which is now widely recognised as the industry standard as a basic teaching award. This qualification is actually suitable for anyone wanting to enter any type of teaching/subject as well as first aid etc. We have train the trainer courses nationwide as well as at the company base location in Cornwall.

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