Level 3 FREC Conversion/Requalification


Our team of trainers are not just professional teachers, the majority are members of the Ambulance Service and other emergency services. They deliver factual training based on current guidelines and most importantly experience. This ensures you are being taught by a professional that has actually done, in real terms, what they are teaching you.

Qualifications that would be suitable to use the Conversion course route:
First Person on Scene (Intermediate)
Community Responder (Ambulance)
Co-Responder (Ambulance/Fire/Police)
Police D13 Firearms Medic
RNLI Casualty Care Holder or similar.

This course is also appropriate for someone who wishes to maintain their current Level 3 training as a route to requalify their valid FREC 3 certificate for a further three years.
Please speak to us to assess your eligibility for the conversion course 0844 800 9902.  
Learners must be at least 17 years old on the first day of training.