Who’s reducing your risk?

Swimming pools and open water spaces used for public activities fall under the umbrella of the law known as HSG 179-aka the holy grail of pool and open water safety! If you have a pool from the list below…this relates directly to your organisation.


COMMUNAL pool in living accommodation   HOTEL pools  COMMUNITY leisure pools   WATER PARKS  DIVING pools  CARAVAN, CAMPING and MOTOR HOME sites with pools   Childrens PADDLING pools that are part of a larger pool or complex   SCUBA DIVING pools   THERAPUTIC pools  RESCUE Training pools    HEALTH CLUB pools  MILITARY training pools   COUNTER-CURRENT training pools   pools in places of EDUCATION (schools, colleges, universities)


A visit to a swimming pool should be a safe and enjoyable experience, building water confidence, making family memories or to take advantage of low impact personal fitness.

Pool operators are bound by law to ensure that people are kept safe whether they are splashing about in a swimming pool or doing serious laps!

Most operators are functioning as safely as they can, but there could be gaps in training or procedure that we can help fill.

Having the breadth of knowledge and understanding we have of swimming pools; we know a significant number of pool owners who are completely unaware of the existence of the law relating to their specific responsibilities and how to meet it.

If you are unsure about any aspect of your swimming pool or open water safety, contact us now:


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