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In Safe Hands Training - The Simulation Centre or Training at your work place

Food Safety is of the utmost importance to every business that provides food and drink for its customers. With national standards increasing, business education is paramount for a number of reasons. Especially legal compliance, it’s the law!

Training assists organizations to improve not just hygiene but also the quality of products and service. Quality and service is what a customer is looking for.

This leads to a good reputation with potential to increase business, secure jobs and build helpful relationships with local environmental health teams.

This starts with many considerations, the primary one being Food Safety.

Who is this course suitable for?

This course is ideal for anyone wanting to teach Food safety at Levels 1 and 2.

These levels are the mainstay of food safety training in the UK. All food handlers are required to have Food Safety Training at the appropriate level, which is to be provided by a competent trainer by law.

What will I learn?

• Introduction to food safety
• Applying and monitoring food safety and hygiene practices
• Legislation
• Food handling
• Food hazards
• Refrigeration, chilling and cold storage
• Taking temperatures and temperature control
• Pest control
• Staff training
• Cooking, hot holding and re-heating
• Reducing the risk of contamination
• Personal hygiene • Cleaning and contamination
• Food premises and equipment
• Food Management procedure and tools

What is the qualification?

Level 3 in Food Safety; Please note to register with the Awarding body you will need a suitable teaching qualification.

We can provide the Level 3 in Education and Training to ensure you’re ready to go.

Who is the course accredited by?

The course is approved by Qualsafe Awards.
Upon successful completion you will be able to deliver the following accredited Courses;
Level 1 Award in Food Safety
Level 2 Award in Food Safety in Catering
Level 2 Award in Food Safety in Manufacturing
Level 2 Award in Food Safety in Retail
Level 2 Award in HACCP
Level 2 Food Safety Refresher

Who will I be taught by?

Our team of trainers are not just professional teachers but also industry professionals. They deliver factual training based on current guidelines and most importantly experience. This ensures you are being taught by a professional that has actually done in real terms what they are teaching you. This also coupled with the fact our training team have taught approved courses to thousands of students from different working backgrounds and in different environments.

In Safe Hands has a unique facility for training. Known as the ‘Simulation Centre’ students are taught in a multi environment setting. This includes a Kitchen, Bar Area, Lounge, Car, Outdoor area, Bathroom, Bedroom, and a Children’s play area. This allows courses to be facilitated, not just ‘in the classroom’ but in working arenas similar to that of their working environment.

It’s very much a fact of life that we learn by experience, which is why our training is more experience led.

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What our trainee’s say...

" Fantastic Course, a lot more in depth than just lifting a box. Thanks"