First Aid at Work

3 Days - Re-Qualification 2 Days
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In Safe Hands Training - The Simulation Centre or Training at your work place

The First Aid at Work Course is the highest level of first aid training programme available for the workplace. This is far more comprehensive than the 1 day Emergency First Aid at Work course and is suitable for any working environment. We run these courses regularly at our training centres or as is very common we can come and deliver this course with you onsite.

Who is this course suitable for?

This is by far our most popular course, we deliver First Aid at Work courses to several Blue Chip companies, regional organizations, utilities providers, local companies and individuals. This course is designed to meet the first aid requirements of a high risk working environment such as factories, food processing plants, Hotels, leisure centres, engineering environments etc.  If you think that your workplace is lower risk then you may be interested in the Emergency First Aid at Work. Students must be aged 16 or over to attend this course. The re-qualification course is 2 days long, you must have a first aid at work certificate that is no more than 28 days expired. This course will be completed after 3 years and prevents you re-attending a 3 day course. We can provide help with learning support and languages as required.

Unsure on how many First Aider's your company needs? click here and find out what your legal requirements are. 

What will I learn?

See our full manual below for a comprehensive look at what is on offer during the first aid at work course. The basic syllabus is;

  • Roles and responsibilities of a first aider
  • First aid kit information and equipment
  • Aims and priorities of first aid
  • Primary assessment and Cardio Pulmonary
  • Resuscitation for the adult casualty
  • Secondary assessment
  • The recovery position
  • Choking
  • Dealing with suspected spinal injuries
  • How to deal with minor, major bleeding and shock
  • Treatment for burns, head injuries, broken bones, crush and eye injuries
  • Dealing with seizures
  • Some common medical complaints

What is the qualification?

The qualification will allow you be to be a nominated first aider in your workplace. The full title of the course and qualification is the Level 3 OFQUAL First Aid at Work. This course is assessed and certification will only be provided to competent students. The qualification is valid for 3 years. The HSE do Strongly Recommend Annual Refresher Training. The re-qualification course is allows you to continue as a first aider (following successful completion of assessments)

Learners must be at least 14 years old on the first day of the training

Who is the course accredited by?

A Health and Safety Executive Approved OFQUAL Awarding Body, our approval number is 905012. To verify our status please click here.

Who will I be taught by?

Our team of trainers are not just professional teachers the majority are members of the Ambulance Service and other emergency services. They deliver factual training based on current guidelines and most importantly experience. This ensures you are being taught by a professional that has actually done in real terms what they are teaching you.

In Safe Hands has a unique facility for training. Known as the ‘Simulation Centre’ students are taught in a multi environment setting. This includes a Kitchen, Bar Area, Lounge, Car, Outdoor area, Bathroom, Bedroom, and a Children’s play area. This allows courses to be facilitated, not just ‘in the classroom’ but in working arenas similar to that of their working environment.

It’s very much a fact of life that we learn by experience, which is why our training is more experience led.

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What our trainee’s say...

" All in all, the entire course was excellent and I would personally recommend this to anyone needing the FPOS certification, the training, the venue where first rate. "