In Safe Hands - National Company Support

Quality, Cost Effective Training That Keeps You and Your Business Safe - is our ethos and mission

You need training at a time that suits you, not the training provider!

You need training where is most convenient to you, not the training provider!

You need relevant, high quality training from professionals in their fields, not cobbled together courses without any accreditation or recognition.

You may want to consider In Safe Hands as your Local, Regional or National Training Provider.

Why In Safe Hands??

Apart from being an approved centre with industry bodies including the Health and Safety Executive, we only use professional’s that are experts in their field, that employ friendly, relaxed, interactive teaching styles that get student enthused about the subjects being taught.

We are regularly recognised by our clients for making historically dry subjects fun and interactive to ensure your time and money is well spent.

Courses can be tailored to your procedures and working environments, ensuring absolute relevance to your needs and requirements without compromising the quality of the courses.

We regularly find ourselves training in very diverse environments from Hotels, Schools , Nurseries and Restaurants to Offshore Drilling platforms and preparing security specialists for medical emergencies in hostile environments.

Having a national presence also ensures continuity with courses, so the same training will be provided regardless of geographical position.

We can run training courses in most environments in most workplaces, minimising cost to you. Very often our onsite course rates prove very cost efficient against attending other providers open courses.

If your business will only allow for a small number of candidates then we can still run onsite training or you can send people to our regular locally held courses. Finally financially, our current client base has found that we are more cost effective and offer better value for money than any other Local, Regional and National providers. All things considered if you work with us you’re In Safe Hands.